Attention 5th Graders!

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The invitations for our 5th grade party has been sent!  It’s time to register your current 5th grader for our 6th grade Fall 2017 JOE CORNELL EXPERIENCE.  Our classes fill fast – so don’t wait! 

Register online: (click the dance class tab)

Make sure to RSVP for the 5th grade party too!  Your kids can meet our staff and see for themselves what all the hype is about.   RSVP:


A little background….

My mom swears that Joe Cornell (the man) taught his first dance class to Detroit area teens in her basement in 1957.  Funny, I have heard that same story from multiple people throughout my time as one of the owners of Joe Cornell (the company).

Families invited Joe Cornell into their homes to teach their kids to dance.  There was no Xbox, travel sports, dance competitions or iPhones.   It was fun to sit with your family and listen to the ball game on the radio, walk with your friends to the corner nickel store, and dance in your friend’s basements.

Joe was onto something:  interaction of boys and girls in a structured social setting; teaching manners and the importance of being cool AND being kind and; etiquette lessons embedded into a dance based curriculum.

The music has changed but the lessons learned at JOE CORNELL have not.  Nothing prepares our pre-teens for the middle school social scene and beyond like JOE CORNELL.

Our program concentrates on teaching local kids the hottest “moves” and current dances while instilling crucial coming of age lessons that are hard to teach at home.  Detroit natives have been screaming our praises for years!  Here are some of our favorites…

“I never thought this would fly with my 11-year-old son. Boy, was I wrong.  Joe Cornell is the highlight of his week!”  

“I loved Joe Cornell classes when I was a teen and 29 years later my twins love it too!”

“Nothing beats watching your child on the dance floor all night at his cousin’s bar mitzvah. Thank you for giving him the confidence to enjoy himself socially.”

“I’m not joking.  My kid is showering, using deodorant and brushing his teeth before each class – and I haven’t said one word!”

“My daughter takes tap, jazz and ballet.  I wasn’t sure why she needed another dance class.  Her friends were signing up for your program and she begged me to let her join.  I now totally get it.  Our kids are so socially isolated.  Your class gave my daughter a chance to interact face to face with her peers in a fun social environment.”

Keep the comments coming – WE LOVE THEM!

Register your 5th grader online: or simply call:  Becca – 248-268-3805