Star Trax Holiday Cheer

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The Star Trax Annual Holiday Party invitation simply stated: “Save the Date!  Extend the Holiday Cheer! Just be ready to go!  We’ll take care of it all – driving, lunch and everything else.”

At Star Trax, we like to be innovative when planning events.  Our Annual Holiday Party had to be creative!  And it had to be amazing!  And, we wanted to show our appreciation to our amazing employees, as well as give back to our community. Hmmm … what to do?

Curiosity and excitement in the office was evident:  carefully inquiring minds, creative guesses and constant chatter about the “Surprise Holiday Party” was never-ending.  No-one could figure out what we were doing for our Annual Holiday Party.  I had them all stumped!

The day finally arrived!  Mid-morning, our Team gathered in front of our office building where our “chariot” awaited. We boarded the ALLSTAR Chauffeured bus and were on our way.

Comfortably settled in the plush seats of the moving vehicle, each Star Trax Team member was presented with a generous Target Gift Card.  Along the way, contests and games kept us busy, with more Gift Cards being awarded to all winners. The party had begun. The instructions were simple: “It’s the Holiday Season.  Once we get to our destination, treat yourself to something special – anything you want!  Also, in the spirit of giving, please purchase something small for a family in need.”  Our Team was supporting Humble Design, a Detroit-based non-profit organization that helps families transition out of homeless shelters by providing furnishings and design services. Our goal was to buy bedding, lamps and home accessories for Humble Design families!  Anything that can help turn an empty house into a clean, dignified and welcoming home.

We pulled into the Target parking lot.  Everyone jumped off the bus, ran into the store, grabbed carts and began zipping up and down the aisles, filling up their carts in record time. The Shopping Spree had begun.

However, our Team amazed us … their carts were filling up with bedding, lamps, decorative pillows and household accessories. Where were the electronics, kitchen gadgets, and personal items that we were “gifting” our team members?  Not in their carts!

Our amazing Team chose to buy items for Humble Families, instead of themselves. What an amazing group of people we have working at Star Trax … always thinking of others and giving back to the community! We finally encouraged our peeps to treat themselves to a few small items.  However, the shopping carts that were wheeled out of the store were mostly over-flowing with Target bags packed with everything a Humble Design family would need to make a house a home!

Our Holiday Party continued … our “chariot” took us to a local restaurant where we treated our amazing staff to lunch.  A table of 16 Star Trax peeps – every one of them – kind, compassionate, thoughtful, and giving!  We are so proud of this Team! While we wanted to thank them for all their hard work and appreciation throughout the year, they, instead, chose to extend the Holiday Cheer and give back to others!

But, the Party does not end here! 

In the Spring, our Team, along with our bags and bags of household items, will be helping Humble Design by turning two houses into welcoming homes.  We’ll fill them with goodies from our trip as well as donated furniture that Humble Design collects and stores in its massive warehouse.  We can’t wait to help!

Stay tuned for an update. We can’t wait to share our April Experience!