Happy Birthday to Me

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Everyone loves a birthday (even if you secretly pretend you don’t!)  In the age of social media – thanks to Zuckerberg – you get more birthday wishes from friends and acquaintances than you ever thought possible.

You celebrate with your family; you celebrate with your friends – At Star Trax you get to let loose with your teammates and enjoy a meal and cake with lots of laughs.  Did I mention that a member of our team can literally ramble off a joke at a moment’s notice (Ken)?  It is a REAL talent, especially since I have been telling the same joke (poorly) since the 8th grade!

A few months back I was part of the team that assembled a 45th Surprise Party for a former Mitzvah mom.  I loved working with her on all three of her kids’ parties.  This time around, I collaborated with her husband.  I really think I brought a lot of great ideas to the mix, because I knew her!  Her husband, on his own, created the most amazing video montage with fantastic music to boot!  I felt like I was back in high school…. except I like my hair better now! 🙂

Their guests drank, ate and danced like they were still 25.  Nights like this are what it’s all about!

No matter who you celebrate with…make it memorable.

Take a peek at our latest “if you have a birthday this week” lunch.  (From Anita’s Kitchen and the most delicious and BEAUTIFUL cupcakes from Yummy Cupcakes)