Dancer Training behind the Scenes

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At 16, I had my dream job of being a Star Trax dancer at weekend events!  As a Star Trax dancer, throughout my high school and college years, I learned about the entertainment and event business from the ground up. I was taught by the best.  Fast forward 15 years – one of my many roles allows me to recruit, train and schedule our interactive entertainment staff. Having been with Star Trax for half of my life, my motto, “Been There, Done That” gives me a unique perspective that helps me relate to and motivate new, energetic, and enthusiastic dancers.

Star Trax Dancers are much more than “just dancers.”  While their primary role is to dance and engage the crowd, they are in charge of many behind the scenes activities as well.  A dancer is the MC’s right hand assistant and is responsible for everything from preparing giveaways, helping with the candle lighting, connecting hands for the Hora and facilitating speeches and games.  The MC is just one person – the energy is created by our team!  Each event is always staffed with an Anchor Dancer who has years of experience and hundreds of parties under their belt! The Anchor Dancer is the leader of the team and assigns tasks as needed throughout the evening.

It’s important that you know who our dancers are, and while our dancers may sometimes seem like one of your guests, Star Trax Dancers must be recognizable and stand out as leaders at your event.  We always dress our team members in attire that matches the colors or theme of your event.  It is critical that our look is in sync with your party at all times and, therefore, you will notice multiple wardrobe changes throughout the event. (We also change our clothes because we get REALLY hot and require a change, Wink!) There is a reason behind our madness … our dancers are skilled, professional, enthusiastic, polished and completely IN TUNE!

You’re probably wondering, “How do we train our dancers and help them become the BEST in the business?”  Twice a month, MC Dennis and I host Dancer Training with our current and future dancers.  During these sessions, we share our experiences from past weekend events and review and learn new dances, games and appropriate etiquette for parties.  Dancer Training Sessions also provide great team building experiences where dancers can connect with one another in a fun and friendly atmosphere.  We make sure our dancers are ready for any challenge!

And where do we find such amazing talent?  We recruit, not only through word of mouth within the community, but also through local dance studios and area high school and college dance teams.  Star Trax is always looking for crazy, high energy staff to add to our roster of 75 awesome dancers!  If you think you’d be a fabulous Star Trax Dancer or you know of someone who might be interested, please encourage them to contact me.  Reach out: