We Love What We Do… And It Shows!

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Our company culture defines the personality of our organization and how our team members interact, both internally within our company and externally with those around us. It’s the formula that guides the team as well as inspires and motivates our employees.  Our company culture is responsible for attracting and attaining great talent as well as creating a fun, happy and exciting work environment.

Imagine going to work every day surrounded by people you like and doing things you enjoy.  The head of the company’s door is always open and you have the freedom to “do your thing and run with it.”  You meet regularly as a team and communicate easily with staff at all levels.  High fives, chocolate, and snacks are readily available.  Company outings and monthly lunches are the norm.  And everyone around you is happy, outgoing and very friendly. You are a piece of an extremely important puzzle.  You love what you do and how you get to do it … and it shows in your performance. This is Star Trax … our culture and our people!

We continue to share what happens behind the Star Trax scene because we want you, our valued customer, to understand ‘who’ and ‘what’ goes into creating YOUR EVENTS and MEMORIES.  A task we don’t take lightly.  Having a true team of professionals on your side – people that love what they do and how they get to do it – is key to creating your successful events.

Star Trax’s company culture sustains employee enthusiasm.  Our team is made up of people who are dedicated, love their job, and genuinely care about what happens to the company for which they work.  We trust that our people are motivated to provide great service in a timely manner and believe that flexibility in the workplace is important in increasing employee morale. We also believe that when employees understand that their work is contributing to the overall success of the company and they’re working together toward common goals, they perform better.

We encourage team camaraderie and respect among our employees and believe that a fun, happy workplace creates cooperation and trust across the business. Our company culture is kept alive by in-house team-building experiences and social events. Star Trax makes sure that there is always an upcoming company event so the entire Team has something to look forward to. Our monthly Tasty Tuesday’s are a chance for us to enjoy lunch together and catch up on a personal level.  And our group activities, which include bowling, fowling, shopping, volunteering, and attending industry networking events, keep us busy, entertained and ‘always in the know.’

Our employees MUST LOVE working at Star Trax.  We know that happy employees have a positive effect on our company’s reputation.  We are proud of how we conduct business; how we treat our employees; and how we give back to the community.  We believe that “Every Touch Counts” and that everyone we meet must fall in love with us, or we are not doing our job.

We have developed an outstanding culture at Star Trax because we have trust in our employees and we believe in what we do.  Our company is filled with talented, loyal people who love their job and genuinely care about what happens to the company for which they work.