A look inside

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You see our Entertainers, Our Valet Parking Staff, and Our Interactive Products all around town.  However, you don’t often get to see those behind the scenes peeps helping to organize the magic.

Some of them are really great arm wrestlers, great at cartwheels, champion egg toss competitors and one guy who can literally fix anything.

These 17 talented people reside under one roof in Ferndale, Michigan.  Everyone wears many hats, but that’s what makes our business so unique.  No matter who you talk to – our commitment to outrageous customer service is the same – but our voices and what we bring to the mix are all different.

Let’s BLOG!

It’s time.

We have so much to say.  At our twice weekly staff meetings, where we review our plans for the coming week/weekend, it’s challenging to get a chance to talk about anything other than our customers and our current projects.  We are also very busy eating Reese’s peanut butter cups or whatever irresistible junk food our valet leaders bring to the meeting.  This blog will allow us to share what excites us about our industry AND what we have learned along the way.

A list of client QUESTIONS has been building for quite some time – and now we have a forum to answer them publicly.   Drum roll please – we are also going to dish on the topics you may be afraid to ask, as well!  LOVE IT, RIGHT?

Each post will be written by a gifted team member.  We want you to get to know us –

Of course, we will also scream about our Event Show (October 9th – Our 15th SHOW!) and Pre-Teen Dance Program (Sign up your 5th grader TODAY!)  Mostly though, our goal is to invite you into our world of orchestrating flawless events.

Earlier this year at an off-premise staff meeting at The Townsend Hotel, our team each privately submitted our “top five” ideas for the principals that guide the behaviors of this business… Next week, Geoff promises to unveil the CORE VALUES of Star Trax Event Productions.   STAY TUNED!