Valet Parking is a Science!

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It was a beautiful Tuesday Morning at Knollwood Country Club. The sun was shining, and it was an ideal day for some Valet Parking. We had 33 of our best valet parkers on staff in anticipation of 350 women coming to Knollwood Country Club for a special event! The Star Trax Valet Team was ready for the task – we are seasoned veterans when it comes to Knollwood events of this magnitude.

The “in rush” was as smooth as can be! We had a flawless system set up and it was executed to perfection. There was never a backup in traffic, and we were able to open every door for every guest. We even walked some very special VIPs to the front door. We parked almost 200 cars! While most of the cars were parked in the Knollwood parking lot, the overflow cars were parked across the street at Beth Ahm. We had a seamless system whereby we set up a remote manger in the second parking lot and were able to move cars quickly and efficiently!

Then we waited … as the ladies listened to a panel of University of Michigan Allergy Specialists and enjoyed a lovely lunch prepared the by Knollwood staff. The feedback we received from the guests was extremely positive – they all had an amazing afternoon. The women found the speakers extremely interesting and thoroughly enjoyed their meal.

The event was over, and it was time for 350 people to leave. No problem! One would think that retrieving and moving 200 cars all at the same time might be difficult to manage. However, we are proud and happy to say that not one person had to wait too long, and all cars were re-united with their drivers within 30-minutes!

Just another example of how having a perfectly set up system can make or break any event! Valet Parking is not just a service, it’s a Science.