Re-Inventing an Event Theme!

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When designing, it’s important that we never produce the same event twice. Our team spends hours researching and working with our incredible vendor partners to execute a unique design that embodies our client’s vision and character. Recently, we had the opportunity to plan an event for a repeat client and we loved every moment!

Our client loves hockey! And so do many other clients! The thoughtful and creative details are what help to distinguish one event from the next. We have produced many hockey-themed events – however, this one was different! A few things that helped bring the hockey theme to life and differentiate this party from other hockey-themed parties, included: programs that were handed out to guests showing our “lineup” (aka guest seating arrangements); a specially made Timbit wall; “what the PUCK!” customized Ding Dong Desserts (resembling hockey pucks); and a customized wall of mini hockey- branded pails filled with the honoree’s favorite candy. The “pucks” were passed around the room during the evening, and the hockey-candy pails were a parting gift for all guests. Hockey was everywhere!

We can’t forget the guest of honor’s entrance – carried in on the dancer’s shoulders, holding a giant Stanley Cup replica. MC Teddy Bear led the evening with DJ Rickey T and our dancers: Marin, Ralph, and Avery. This crew kept the dance floor packed all night! All these fun details mixed with our one-of-a -kind entertainment created an unforgettable event that guests are sure to remember!