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Who is B.E.N.? What is B.E.N.? Are you B.E.N.?  Why does it say B.E.N. on your sleeve?  These are questions that our valet parkers are asked all the time.  On the right sleeve of our valet parkers’ jackets and polo shirts is the acronym B.E.N.  It stands for Be Extra Nice.  B.E.N. defines who we are – not only as a valet company, but with all our relationships at Star Trax Events.


On site, B.E.N. has many meanings … smile, open doors, offer a hand.  Can we carry something in for you?  Do you have a sport coat in the back seat of your car?  Can we walk you to the door?  If It’s snowing, we’ll shovel a path for guests to walk.  If it’s raining, don’t worry, we brought umbrellas.


On every job, with every car we park, and with every door we open, we want to be thinking of ways that we can Be Extra Nice.  How can we improve our service?  What can we do to be better?  This is the mindset of, not only our parkers, but the entire Star Trax Events Team. If you’re not falling in love with us, we’re not doing it right.


Our passion is customer service.  We live for it.  We breathe it.  We love being there for you.  Wherever you are – that’s where we want to be.  A wedding, mitzvah, graduation party, your residence, a restaurant, the Country Club, and even the gym. We’re always happy to park your car and Be Extra Nice!