Focus on Ferraris (… and Valet)

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‘Twas a cold, but beautiful, night for valet at the Cauley Ferrari Dealership in West Bloomfield, Michigan.


Seventeen valet parkers were systematically lined up – waiting for guests to arrive at the Uncork for the Cure Annual Fundraiser.  Everyone was in good spirits that evening.  Guests were attending an amazing fundraiser for cancer research, and parkers were grinning – cheek to cheek – expecting to park some rare Ferraris.


The rush of cars could not have gone smoother.  Star Trax Valet, Cauley Ferrari veteran parkers, knew the perfect strategy to seamlessly park 170 vehicles. As the event got underway, guests were able to enjoy hors d’oeuvres and libations, while observing some of the finer Ferraris on the market, all while supporting an amazing cause.


What started as a cold November evening turned out to be an incredible experience for attendees and employees alike. From guest arrival to departure, our Valet Team delivered.  Another flawless event with Star Trax Valet!